Will Forgive (Continued)

Will Forgive


If you or someone you know struggles with forgiveness, you are in the right place. It is my mission to share my story and experience to help others to forgive, break their chains, and be set free to live happier and healthier lives for themselves and their loved ones.

I know how hard forgiveness can be. It took me 32 years after the death of my father to forgive him. I don’t want it to take that long for you. Hatred can destroy you. It consumed me and nearly caused my death 15 years ago. I don’t want that to happen to you.

A wall made of stones of hatred, pride, fear, envy, and unforgiveness kept me, and maybe you, captive, as if shackled with chains, only to rot with hatred. The cement that held the stones together were myths of unforgiveness. I will help you to understand the myths and show you how to use the power within you to set yourself free.

You are not alone. Many are on the same path and face the wall of unforgiveness. Together in strength we can take down that wall. We will forgive.