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I never wanted to go to prison. I had prayed to God to give my disease to “those prisoners.” They were bad. I was not. In my weakest hour I gave God a final challenge: “Give those prisoners my disease, heal me, and I will believe in you.”

He did and I do!

Along with other volunteers with Kairos Prison Ministry, I serve as God’s instrument through which His love, grace and mercy are expressed to inmates in a real and profound way.

The four-day program is a roller coaster of emotions and a challenge to your fortitude. For me the biggest trial is the prison food!! But the rewards are great- witnessing hardened rival gang members forgive each other and pray together holding hands! It is a sight to behold, a Godly thing. How often do you get to see His hand at work? We do on a weekly basis!

The day I realized God loves the inmates as much as he loves my sons was a major “Ah ha” moment for me, as well as the day I received forgiveness from the inmates for my unthinkable prayer against them.

I am blessed to be a part of the ministry. I will continue as long as God wants me there.




Kairos Prison Ministry
Ministering to the Incarcerated



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