building orphanages

I plan to build an orphanage. I have always wanted to help wounded kids. My plans include providing medical care and education for the little ones, as long as they are with us.

I am currently finishing a novel, Tin Kids, concerning children forced to work in mines. Max, the hero/protagonist in the book, builds an orphanage. My description of the home below is the design of the orphange I have a passion to build:

“Max had designed the two-story one hundred bed orphanage complex to resemble a large traditional Filipino home: ground floor made of stone and wood and upper story of wood with overhanging balconies, which were closed off with windows whose panes were made from capiz, a flat translucent shell. The wide, overhanging roof gave protection from the sun and torrential rain.

On the first floor was Mother’s Superior’s office, a sala and bathroom to be used for guests and potential adopters, a large kitchen, a dining room with two rows of rectangular tables end to end facing each other, one for the girls and the other for the boys, and anchored by a smaller row of tables at one end for the nuns.

A wide staircase led to the second floor where there were two spacious dormitory style rooms, one for the boys and the other for the girls. Each dorm had forty single beds with mosquito nets, large overhead fans, and bathrooms at the end of each room with ten sinks, toilet stalls, and showers. A smaller room across the hall from the dorms accommodated twenty cribs.

Annexed to the first floor by a covered corridor were the living-quarters for the nuns and female housekeepers, similar to the walkway that led to the medical clinic on the other side. The male housekeepers, gardeners, drivers, and guards had a separate dwelling, the renovated main house, near the clinic.

Mangosteen, coconut, mango, and banana trees would provide beauty, shade, and fruits for the kids. A large playing field had been cut out from the coconut grove. The ocean breeze would help with the sultry heat. And the daily afternoon tropical rain would provide outdoor playful showers for the orphans, and a respite from mosquitoes for all.”

I pray the orphanage, burning in my heart to build, will have many Angels to turn my dream into a reality and help many little ones.

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