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Jay D Roberts MD – Author of Break the Chains


As a survivor of abuse, I know first-hand the evils of hatred. Unforgiveness consumed my body for years, nearly killing me 15 years ago. I hated God, myself, and my father. All I ever wanted was a loving father. Never got it. Just bull whippings to be a stronger boy.

As a medical physician I have investigated the health aspects of hatred and found major university studies, including Harvard Medical School, linking unforgiveness with disabling and often fatal diseases. The treatment is to forgive. But years of brainwashing with myths of forgiveness prevent most of us from doing so. It did me, until I was led to prison to minister to lifers. I was so full of hatred that it took a prison visit to set me free!

My mission is to share my story with you. Take the journey with me and I will show you the way to forgive and be set free to live happier and healthier lives for you and your family.

Together, in strength, we will break the chains of unforgiveness and the cycle of abuse. One conversation can change the world!