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It is called Break the Chains, Transforming Shame into Forgiveness. Break the Chains has two means: 1. Stopping the cycle of abuse from father to son. 2. Breaking the chains that bind your heart with unforgiveness. Break the Chains is my story—the story of a turbulent lifelong dialogue with God, beginning when I was a child being bull-whipped by my alcoholic father, and my subsequent compulsion to become a pain and wound care specialist. It’s the story of medical school in a third world country against a dangerous political backdrop, of my return home to deal with the demons I had left behind, of my spontaneous healing from a fatal illness, and of finding the ability in a maximum security prison to forgive the one I hated the most. My book affirms faith in God, the human spirit, and the mysterious power of forgiveness. It is my hope that you will read my book and believe in it enough to help me spread the word. It is my prayer that others can break their chains and be set free…

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