Jay Roberts MD (Continued)

Dr. Jay Roberts


As a board-certified physician, specializing in the treatment of physical disabilities, pain and wound care, I focus on adding quality of life for my patients. As a volunteer for a Christian ministry inside maximum security prisons for the past fourteen years, I help inmates receive grace and throw down their colors.

In 1999 I was in at-home hospice care preparing for my own death from a neurological disease. At the point where I finally gave up, I experienced a spontaneous, overnight healing. It was not the first time I had “cheated” death. I had survived a fifty-foot fall from a cliff, a plane crash, and attempts on my life by rebel insurgents in remote areas in the Philippines in 1970s.

The near-death escape in 1999 was different though, because it was the culmination of a turbulent lifelong dialogue with God, which started when I was a child being bull-whipped by my alcoholic father.

I have a question for you- “If you were abused over and over again, would you become an abuser? Or would you learn to forgive?” Even after my complete recovery from a fatal disease, I had to go to prison to find my answer. You do not have to.

BREAK THE CHAINS, Transforming Shame Into Forgiveness, is my story to help you tackle the big questions illuminating physical, mental, and spiritual growth in your lives. I pray that my words will help reveal to you the mysterious power of forgiveness that will break your chains.

Another calling of mine is to build an orphanage. Proceeds from BREAK THE CHAINS will help make this dream a reality.

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